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Kokoybrowny Slammed Civic


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Purple Haze

Sup guys! This is my first of many contributions to the WFC blog, got to make it a good one. Check out these before/after photos the homie Junzo from Japan sent me of his purple R32 that I never got … Continue reading

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this car

This car does not get old to me. He thrashes it around, and somehow it comes back cleaner and cleaner. To me there’s alot that has been taken away from drifting when it went Pro status. I enjoy the pro … Continue reading

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wheel fitment

This is the kind of stuff I like to see. No real B.s. going on here. A really clean platform with the right wheels and fitment will never go away. I think that’s why the wheel fitment scene is here … Continue reading

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slide fitted

There’s something about a car sliding on fitted wheels that will never get old to me. This was the basis that the name Hellaflush came from. In the early days of Fatlace there was only DriftUnit. It was a group … Continue reading

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just perfect

Perfect shot. Perfect stance.

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