daily driven

When one of WFC’s own gets a daily driver what does he get? Well in the case of 06tiburonofdoom you go with an EG civic. I guess the combination of a reasonable price to start, good gas mileage, and plenty of mods available on the cheap you can’t really go wrong with it. He already has what may be considered the most aggressive Tiburon. His Civic doesn’t fall far from the tree. I thought the Diamond steels were getting a little played on Honda’s, but this car pulls it off crazy good.

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2 Responses to daily driven

  1. okstance says:

    just wait until he puts 15x10s on the front =]

  2. 06tiburonofdoom says:

    Yay! =) Thanks for posting this up. I’ve got a new stance in the works also, since I had to raise it up a bit for the new motor.

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